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>> it will be negotiate with the jordanians, the israelis and palestinians. the palestinians will live in gaza, will be linked with the egypt. looked at it would happen. you have the muslim brotherhood and the hamas which are very close in their opinions about many issues, the sharia law.
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the israelis, the u.s., very close in their minds. they will have to walk together and find a way. i do not think -- i don't want to annex the palestinian towns. i think they belong, they should be connected into jordan and egypt. and yes, it will not happen tomorrow. we will have to wait. how long we'll have to wait, i don't know. if i came here to washington, d.c. two years ago i would've told you the president mubarak would be caged in jail in cairo, you would think i'm insane. and to them, coming and telling you in the long term there should be a linkage between the palestinians and -- you with tell it's not going to happen, they would not agree to it. the middle east history dynamic, can change very fast, and we have to put forward what we believe is good for us.
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>> i fear for israel's security and future. i see that as dangerous. and it's also a moral issue, but thank you. >> thank you. >> my name is jerry. actually i was in jerusalem in 1973 when the war broke out, and all the european nations made a big point of saying, we are not going to send any weapons to the middle east because we don't want to encourage the war that's just started. which sounded very noble, except at the same time the russians were busy sending weapons to the syrians and egyptians. my concern is with the shiites
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and the sunnis. if iran gets an atomic bomb, the question is not that the egyptians will say we want the same. the point is that the egyptians are sunnis, saudi arabians are sunnis, and the iranians are shiites. and the most likely scenario is that the sunnis in pakistan was an atomic bombs to their sunni brothers in saudi arabia and in egypt, and you suddenly have, you'll have a atomic bombs all over. so i am aware of the dangers of israel attacking iran. it seems to me that the dangers of letting them get an atomic bomb, followed by the sunnis in
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saudi arabia and egypt is much greater. >> i agree with you. i would just add that we have and we had changes of reality in the middle east. we did in the past. they will do any future. we just cannot wait and see what force will fall away. we are changing the realities. and that's what we are concerned about iran today. >> victor miller. with regards to the atomic bomb, you know, israel has had, well, we believe that israel has had it for many years. they've obviously never used it. i don't believe that any nice -- nicety would dare to use it in the environment, that is the middle east today. i think it's a preposterous notion. if you've ever been to air shema, you will see what they
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have an incredible devastation, destruction it does. i don't think any nation can ever consider, nevermind all blasting they do on an ongoing basis. but my question to you is, i think a lot of this is, is trying to rest for as i'm concerned, what is happening to the palestinian people? what kind of future do they face? and there was an attack on some palestinians in jerusalem a few days ago, or a few weeks ago. to me that is the end result of israel policy over the last 20 or 30 or 40 years. i've been a lifelong zionist, and i just see, i seem israel that is more and more, more and more isolated, and more and more surrounded by enemies, to an even greater degree. i'd just like to know, with they
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come when there will be peace? i've already given up the fact that it will be in my lifetime. you know, israel will go down fighting. that's a reality. i would just like to comment on that, thank you. >> i would answer everything you said but i will briefly say, with all due respect the wishful of every jew for peace, it is not enough. if you have a partner, it is not enough. today we don't have a partner. and i think we do care about the palestinians. you have to look today at what's happening in syria. i haven't seen the u.n. putting committees to investigate what's happening today in syria. double standards if you compare what's happening in syria compared to what's happening in israel. but i think in order to achieve a real peace, not a piece of
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paper, we will have to wait and find a partner. >> my name is richard. i'm actually a christian, and my background is representing persecuted christian communities in places like egypt and pakistan and iran. my question is, i've unfortunately concluded that the reason no reason -- it's basically not possible to achieve. i mean, nine of 10 million coptic christians in egypt are putting on a new right to exist list. the idea for israel is to secure a prominent jewish state. doesn't seem that's happened unfortunately. i'm concluding it may never happen, more likely than not. i think we may just have to think out of the box in a way
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from all the current options. >> i think that in my book, it has nothing to do with the settlement. i know it is hard for you to understand and agree but i went to south sudan last year. i don't know how many of you have visited south sudan. when i spoke with the president of south sudan and he told me about the war with sudan, with north sudan, khartoum, they called land disputes. it's not because of oil rights. the war is because those muslim soldiers did not want to seek christians living next door to them so there is a sudden. there's no palestinians, but you see the same amount of hatred against the christians living today in south sudan. it's exactly the same cases we have to be in israel. has nothing to do with bounties, with land, with occupation. it has to do with the very acceptance of jews living in the
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middle east. >> i spent about 20 years working on the south sudan issue, and arab sourcing christians were being described as israelis, zionists, the right to exist. you have duly sudan. is in tolerance to any community of christians, jews, or people they call infidels or catholics, that's the issue. thank you. >> i have three questions. one is -- if you can hear me. is what are the chances of iran or even pakistan selling some of their atomic know-how to paris so it wouldn't be the state of iran who would be attacking the terrorists? and you haven't talked about a four state solution. the fourth estate being the
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ultra- orthodox. and lastly, our atomic bombs altogether an acronym stick, a good the next wars going to be -- if the next wars going to be computer -- what do they call it? cyberattack, thank you. >> i will answer, first of all, you're right, if iran would become nuclear nobody can go and see if technology will be used. there is a big issue with chemical weapons in syria. there is a revolution in syria today. nobody can guarantee today that the chemical weapons technology will not go to hezbollah, and from there it can go anywhere. that is a threat to all of us. so what is an issue of concern for all of us. regarding israel, i read about a lot about in "time" magazine and i know they're discussing the issue, but it is strong
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democracy -- [inaudible] and weather together and go to elections together. i sit in the parliament in the israeli trend for, with the arab members, we do not agree all the time, but we do not argue all the time and i think it's wrong democracy today. you can be proud of that democracy, and for some americans it is easy to criticize the democracy in israel but i'm very proud of the democracy of israel. sometimes the things happening in the knesset is how to live, for example, a member of the arab-israeli, a member of knesset decided to join from turkey that came to israel on the same boat. there were terrorists who attacked the israeli soldiers with knives and weapons, and she was in indy on the boat. she came back later, her office is next month, she entered the
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knesset, and that's democracy in action. i don't know if india's if the congressman would've joined a flotilla with al qaeda would've come back to congress. but in israel is conducted as we speak. it's not easy but i think we can all be very proud of the democracy in israel. t to thank you all for coming. and soon after you read the book you'll have a more comments and think should like to ask, i would be very happy if you do on facebook, on my website. and i want to thank also for the great hospitality. thank you very much. [applause] >> you are watching booktv on c-span2, 48 hours of nonfiction authors and books every weekend. >> the targets of the drug war are the wrong target. i send all praise to law
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enforcement. law enforcement is out to serve and protect and help us. the ones i met on all levels in the course of the research of this book are generally good people. some of them believed in the past but most of the malaise is just a job and there's been taxpayer money. but nontheless, people trying to do their job pics of the problem isn't law enforcement. the problem is when you to turn off the tap, ahmad 9 million domestic dollars going towards so-called enforcement. the wider american mainstream is waking up. i live in a place in the mix that with a cowboy hat, ladies in this post office think barack obama was born in libby. when asked what find a book is about i tell them it's an economic and social analysis of why the end of the drug worked would be good for america, without fail the responses, yeah, their strategies in mexican when is the drug were going to end?
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the plan is not that dangerous. when we going to stop arresting people for pot? the truth is black and white. it's dangerous for me as a journalist to sound too much of a cheerleader about any particular issue. people are going to think i'm cheech, or if i'm lucky maybe woody harrelson. the reality is from a journalistic perspective, black and white, millions would've affected our economy while hurting the cartel. i know dell would know the statistics is up to 70% of cartels, might be a little high, but the fact is quite a lot of organized crime is not from the heroine and the math. it's in canada's. we can have an american farmers growing and taxing it. been on the industrial side, north dakota agriculture commissioner is begging to put
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display back to work for american factors, clothing and energy. i went to a sustainability festival a few years ago from a previous book was giving a talk to the other speaker was a u.s. expert on biofuels. smartly. she told me about all kind of biofuels i hadn't heard of. filters toxics out of soil. great biofuels, and i learned a lot and i said just to researching the book, i said what about cannabis? she said best there is, best there is been hundred and countr.and i said but? she said don't you know, it's a schedule one felony. >> you can watch this and other programs on line at >> from the 12 annual national book festival on the national mall here in washington, d.c., fergus bordewich pre

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